Avastin and Lucentis

Dr Ioannides Laser Eye Clinic has a dedicated minor-operations suite for the delivery of Avastin or Lucentis into the eye. The procedure is done under topical anaesthetic (using eye drops), is painless and only lasts for a few minutes.

Lucentis has been approved and used to treat “wet” age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in Europe and America since 2006. Lucentis is a medicine that is administered into the eye and helps in reducing the fluid at the central part of the retina (called the macula) thereby improving vision.

Avastin comes from the same family of medicines as Lucentis and has a comparable effect in improving vision when delivered into the eye. It has certain advantages and disadvantages compared to Lucentis.

In the last few years both Lucentis and Avastin have successfully been used to treat excess fluid at the macula and reduced vision resulting from conditions other than wet AMD, including:

– Diabetic eye disease
– Occlusions of small veins at the back of the eye
– Reduced vision following cataract surgery
– Other less common inflammatory and non-inflammatory conditions of the eye