Dr Antonis Ioannides MB BS (London), MSc, MRCOphth, FEBO

Dr Antonis Ioannides is a medical doctor and eye surgeon. He is a Diplomate and Member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (London) and a Diplomate and Member of the European Board of Ophthalmology. Dr Ioannides is Fellowship-trained in cataract surgery as well as laser refractive surgery (laser vision correction).

He has extensive clinical and surgical experience having treated in excess of 20,000 patients. He performs over 300 surgical and laser eye procedures every year.

Dr Ioannides graduated from UCL, University of London with a degree in medicine. During his studies he was awarded the UCL Medical School John Jepson Memorial Prize.

He trained in Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Surgery at hospitals in London, Essex and Yorkshire in the UK. He then sub-specialised with a further 1-year clinical Fellowship in Cataract Surgery and Refractive Surgery (Laser Vision Correction) initially at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital in the UK and subsequently at Emmetropia Eye Institute in Crete, the birthplace of the modern laser vision correction method known as LASIK. He also completed a 2-year Master’s degree (MSc) in Cataract and Laser Refractive Surgery awarded by the University of Ulster, UK.

Following a medical career in London and the UK spanning 15 years, Dr Ioannides returned to Cyprus in 2012 and established Dr Ioannides Laser Eye Clinic in Limassol. He is a shareholder-member and associate doctor at Ygia Polyclinic, the largest private hospital in Cyprus, where he performs cataract surgery.

Dr Ioannides has active participation in laser vision correction and cataract research, has published in international medical journals and presented at scientific congresses in Europe and America. He is an invited reviewer in the fields of cataract and laser refractive surgery for the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

Medical Training and Professional Qualifications

MB BS (London) medical degree – UCL Medical School, University of London, UK
Ophthalmology Residency at hospitals in London, Essex, and Yorkshire, UK
MRCOphth – Diplomate and Member, Royal College of Ophthalmologists (London)
MSc – Cataract & Laser Refractive Surgery, University of Ulster, UK
FEBO – Diplomate and Member, European Board of Ophthalmology
Cataract Surgery Fellowship (Sub-specialisation) – Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, UK
Laser Refractive Surgery Fellowship (Sub-specialisation) – Emmetropia Eye Institute, Crete

International Publications and Presentations

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– Ioannides A. Anterior capsule staining during cataract surgery to reduce YAG laser capsulotomy rates. Ophthalmology Times Europe. March 2012.
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